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St. Nazarus.

I Wish

I wish I were on a desert Island
Where no one else could go
I could sit alone,be on my own and where
Wars could not be shown.

In Peace,in stillness and serenity
Where God's creature's could live with me
The birds,the wind,the ocean
And it's many mysteries
To live in peace away from all the unknown

I could fish and maintain my own very
Existences without a soul ever known
They would say that i was running
But God would know that
I would kneel and pray

They say my sisters love me
But i say otherwise
And Pray that one day
We can all kneel and Pray
And ask the Greatest Lord Jesus Christ
And Holy Family above
To forgive us all and allows us all
To kneel and Pray

I do have a good friend with me
That has never let me down
But i will not reveal my friend to you
As now we are on the ground
Kneeling in Prayer
It is said that the good Lord Jesus will
Rise in the East one day
And i ask the good Lord Jesus
To Love us all as one

I say and pray to the good Lord Jesus
That my advise only to him
That if he returned
That some would never
Believe and Run

I do not want to hurt you and please forgive
Them if they run because you are the only
One to have Mercy on all Souls
I Love you dearly you know
Your Mother has suffered greatly
And her heart has being torn apart
From the wicked deeds of everyone
Please allow us to Kneel and Pray
That your Mother Mary
Can forgive us all one day

I will try to help ease
Your Mother's pain
I would wipe away her tears
Her tears that flow like rivers of blood
That we have caused her so
Please forgive us Mother Mary
I am so sorry for your pain
I will kneel down and Pray
I so love you dearly you know
My friend and i are leaving
And we say goodbye
God Bless you Lord Jesus and
Keep you safe in every way

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2009
About this poem:
It is a Prayer that i wrote while sitting alone.Beside my Log fire.
Candles alight and candles bright.It was a lonely day for me.
I had just received bad health news but now i am ok.
Life sure is very short.I was sick and tired of listening to negative bad news on the tripe of a TV.The noise of the City and the Noise of the Cars.I am i know a very deep person.But the peace that surrounded me that day i will never forget it.

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