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Cobblestones gossip all over town
Two centuries whence first one laid down
Heels and skirmish, window tossed soils
Linens encroach, societies toile.

Carts drawn by hoof, willow sprig snap
Air drenched in thick, fog laden foul
Trenchcoat and top hat twenty feet tall
Lit from behind, a shadowy sight.

Whispering footsteps
Non-moon lit night.

Echoed drunken cheer
Off stone pillared walls
Tankards in clunk
There is no last call!

As the fireplace snaps and crackles out heat
Bartender serves scotch whiskey that's neat.

Anything goes this time of night
Backroom ballads
Justified fights.

Slaps on the a-ss
Cackling laugh
More drinks in pour
Corner leaned staff.

As the rats run the walls where the cobblestone meets
Growing in size with the same size of feet.
Lit from behind, a shadowy sight.

Whispering footsteps
Non-moon lit night.

Cats in the alley
Frosted hot breath
Territorial claim
One victim lame.

While the cobblestones gossip
With so much to say
It's only one night
That soon will be day.

Screams of pleasure
So distantly call
Not the first one heard
Nor the end of it all.


This is one night
Of many
Those cobblestones know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2014

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Comments (4)

Very, very nice - events replayed thru the ages- only outer appearances change - but emotions & events -will always be back(guess we're just hardheaded- have to learn the hard waylaugh )

Sorry I'm not too eloquent at the moment - but this is both so beautiful & eloquent.

(p.s.little side note re "rats growing in size" - once spent 17 hrs. in the very nice Amster. airport-saw something "unusual" in the wee hrs.- only 1 place open for food- as I sat eating w/only a couple other people around, I saw 2-3 huge rats running around the edge of one of those beautiful posh shops-ugh-but they stayed least til I was gone...our little secret-heehee)

SCatlyncats meow
Why this was missed all that time ago, it was a wonderful read applause applause applause
Bentleeonline today!
SCatlyn, so sorry for such a delayed reply, how I missed it, well I've no idea. That must have been a bit eerie seein the rats at that time and to think it was while u were eating lol, perhaps they were beggin for some leftovers. Ty for your thoughts. wine hug
Bentleeonline today!
Hello Red, I really enjoyed writing this one, to be able to put myself in that cobblestone street and look around in my mind as I was writing this, it was like being back in a place I once was. Cheers my friend. Ty for your kind words and taking your time to offer such a nice reply. wine hug
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