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My love's blood,a vamyres' romance.

My Love's Blood.

Recalling even to now,can I still see the pathetic whimpering of my tear stained “Soul”
Then reflected in the icy stare of her “Unfeeling,and lifeless” eyes.
Not wishing to remember in that moment,the “Heart brake” and tormented screams as “She walked in to His arms”.

Feeling the strength in my body draining as that of sands of another time.
In it's dying throes “Reluctant” to admitting the sorrow of losing my most “Beauteous” of women.
Just as when the rains fall from laden skies “Reigniting the bitter memories” of storms that had gathered within my own eyes.

We were destined always to be as one, our lives “Intertwined within a circle of Eternity.”
Swearing an oath that “Never shall we part”.
And yet why is it should I feel the “Loneliness” within the faint beating of an eviscerated heart.

In preference now to embrace the thorns of this “Solemn flower,”it's “Darkness offers me succor” ,
I am in constant writhing conflict in my “Avoidance of the hope of welcoming light.”
My most precious and wondrous “Love for me this pain avails”.
As “Undying devotion” is cast and strew aimlessly,
Like that of a leaf cut off from it's “Own”, thrown mercilessly, carried wildly on unforgiving gusts and gales.

Could I perhaps have stopped her as “She” gazed back at me,
Whilst her sculpted hand rested upon the opening of the door.
I quest against myself in my crazed and fevered mind over and again.
All this time “Love's Blood” pours from a wound in my broken hopes and dreams.
And in my last breath slowly I close my eyes, in my own need to cease the hurt,Finally am I no more.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2009
About this poem:
It is something i wrote when depression set in.Sometimes we mistake the Darkness for our fears of it!!

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