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Pounding of the nails sealing for all time

Idle fascination is it a crime

Noise of children at play mirrored sounds

Old man silenced who was well past his prime

Still upon the ground barely breathing bird

Twisted wounded broken wing still can fly

Wind gently blowing bringing back to life

Soaring back to life leaving behind cry

A circle no ending no beginning

Rain producing rainbows for all to see

Peace love happiness is yours if you want

Life projects what you give is what you be

A closing of the door a brand new start

Loving life with a clean pureness of heart

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Posted: Apr 2014

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Comments (5)

deep touching beautifully painted picture god bless dear friendangel
Beautiful poem handshake cheering angel
A very lovely piece my dearest friend, a pleasure to read and a pleasure to see you…Jessewine
niah9online now!
There are times in life....changes occur....maybe we never expected them, but when they do, we know the timing is right...because we follow with open happy...Kathyteddybear
Happygolucky4uonline today!
@darkhorse Thank you my friend teddybear
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on Apr 2014
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