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~Cause an Effect~

first Christmas past for many no spouse home, many Christmas past, duty left them gone. Although reason to some's ok in deploy, signed up too duty task full in hand. The cause soured taste, support the effect of deploy that enlist. There is an agenda in sight as we know. Red's set for friday, half a bow's in yellow . . . rest of the other halves waiting at home~
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Posted: Dec 2009
About this poem:
The cause. An the effect (the stay) is really not right or warranted, I support the troops an their families an friends around them!

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Comments (6)

This is a wonderful tribute to all who give so much to ensure our freedom, present and past along with their loved ones. Lest we forget! Good one Bentlee.
Bentleeonline today!
Ty Starbright, I live outside a military town, i've many friends in the military so yes strong support here:)
Yes we must not forget those
who serve us so valiantly and
put their lives on the line even
this time of year.TY.
angel applause thanks writing cold angel angel
Bentleeonline today!
Yes boysh good comment. ty. I've been witness to many of the fallen as they land in my town then escorted onto the highway of heroes. The support at the base is tremendous as the highway there is lined with people an cars an motorcycles:)
Bentlee - Thought provoking words of “cause an effect” and “effect an cause”. My heart goes out to those families and friends that are separated.teddybear
Bentleeonline today!
Yes Jazzy to feel otherwise would not be right. Ty for your heart thoughts:)
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