yes time has come
packing my sorrows
are but needed to move on
and I am,
it is not like
it wont be here to stay
but that life has changed
in many ways
and lies and betrayal
are not buried away
but I have become keen
and strong, and
no longer blind
like I have become
because I knew
right from the start
you needed to pull me in
as I needed you out
and so we both did
shared the homily of love
albeit the good became bad
and I am now, facing
my golden moments
of simply moving on.

and so I am
and I don't even need
your permission
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2014
About this poem:
Thanks all for your reads and comments..

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Comments (19)

totally relate beautifully penned phyllis good luck dear friend all the best in wishes god bless on you journeyangel wine
Wow!!! Nicely written !!teddybear teddybear angel cheering angel

Lovely poem I wish you all the best in your new journey.teddybear
Hi Lindsy

Powerful..a very strong beautiful feel good factor, after reading

Thank you for sharingbouquet

Martina xxx hug teddybear angel heart wings wave
Enjoyable read and powerful too! Thx 4 sharing! J
Thanks Liam my appreciation as always
Girly thank you so much my dear beautiful fellow Californian

Take care
Moving on,

that's exactly what I did...and the change is good

in many wayshug take good care, my friendwine
Moving an action word. Something one does not says. Your poem was one of a thought that has been on my mind a lot here lately. Moving on can be so bitter sweet. To see the past go yet to look forward to the future. May all good things come to those who move on wine teddybear
Nice write Phyllis,
I like the positive ending !

Benni thanks as always..
Martina, my dearest gorgeous friend..

thanks as always..
Joseph thank you so much and my appreciation..
Manny thanks for your visit and comment
Happy go lucky what a great pleasure to see you on my write. It is so refreshing to see our friends who had been with us long before I joined. And that is more than three years now...

Thanks so much...
and so I am
and I don't even need
your permission

this is the most powerful part, makes me want to smile and hug you hug
Not always easy, but spoken well here.
Happy for you dear that you have laid the past to rest,remain happy and blessed.hug Beautifully written.bouquet
Thanks Rose, you're always a breath of good spirits.
Take care. bouquet
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