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Gathering slowly in the corner of my eyes
Gently rolling down my face
Salty, wet drops of passion

I cry and know not why
What am I feeling?
Numbness, a void, a deep despair
Closing myself off from the world.

Do not get near me do not call
I have not the strength
I have not the will
I can not get through my day.

The sorrow is great
I know what I feel
How can anyone else understand?
They want me to reminisce
They want me to talk
They say it will make me feel better
If they only knew what I know.
I could tell them so many things
about my despair.

Just the thought of it has dried my tears
I could tell them about that time I was small
And had hopes and dreams far and wide
I could tell them about the pain I suffered
As I was growing up
About the many years I felt apart from everyone
The arguments and the laughter
There is so much to tell

Where do I start?
Who do I tell?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
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is it you inside the lines? or words of a poem? or both?
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