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To Joy

I want to kiss you so badly. We've
been waiting for so long. On the warm, soft earth...arms clutching
fearfully, desperately. A light breeze, silent rustle of green gently parading
about us. Sunbeams dart in ripples of shade. In the air, a sweet hint. All that
I see is....your eyes. I am in your eyes. Breath. Gasps. Our mouths
dripping of time. Our loins hungrily clinging. Longing. Need. All is silent.
Time and need pass. My eyes held in yours...yours in mine. Silent
desperation is ended. We cry out...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014

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Comments (2)

Good Stuff old friend, and good to see you as well, nicely done once again….Jessehandshake
very nice
and i like your use of form..
thanks for sharing your poem hidistuff gift
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