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to be written later...

there's a too awful feeling hung on the shoulders
of a woman I know well who stands by my side
a new heaping of sorrow piled up upon her
yet another trial facing my wonderful bride
yes she laughs easily whenever you meet her
she makes one feel good be it sunshine or rain
but now teardrops have fallen and she's in a bad place
with no easy answer to lessen her pain
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014

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I pick up your feeling helpless Hedi to help her...
that also is another bad place to be, when we cant dry the tears for our loved ones when they crysad flower

Hi Hedistuff...suffering can be very intense sometimes...I hope it doesn't last long. Blessings to you both....hug
heartfelt touching piece god bless i pray it all comes to passangel
Hi, hedistuff,
Though teardrops have fallen and she's in a bad place, thankfully, she is not alone in the midst of such love expressed in words to be written later... Thanks for sharing the caring in this write with no easy answer to lessen her pain.
My thoughts are with you and yours dear friend...
trurorobonline today!
Stay strong Rich, hope all comes good soon.
I am praying for you Heidi and God Bless. Welcome back, too.

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