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Alone in New Year's Eve (2009-2010)

Am alone, on a warm New Year's Eve.
The adventures of "Odyssey" inspires me to
travel far.
A glass of water to wet my dry salty lips.
Dreaming of blue-skies, clear skies
and a red sea.
My Red Sea holiday was planned, but couldn't go.

So am I alone.
As I pour red-wine, I smell Tuscany, rich-aroma
of grapes.
"Sting" music echoes from my CD-player, warming
my waxy ears.

Am I alone.
Brownish cheese, a cracker,softly, I munch, lost, ataring.
As Love burns, my heart is singing, filling my loins with fire.
I fell happy, on New year's Eve.
Bright roundish moon is smiling,like
a torch
on my face.

I drink the last wine-drops, I head, slowly to bed.
Am alone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
In my poem, I wanted to show, that staying alone, on New Year's Eve, a special occasion, was my treat...good.
My feelings are that, even, alone, one can be happy,all I did, was read a good book, "The Odyssey', a bottle of wine, cheese & "proscuitto crodo" ...& listen to music.
The moon was bright, reflecting light in the garden, as i was sitting in the dining-room.
Love is good, a tonic, keeps me carry on..& share my happiness with all....

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