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If men were heroes

If men were heroes, if men were wise
then women would obey to them,
Accepting their advice
A simple life of worship men.
If men were heroes, if men were wise
Then women not needed to think,
Would not have character, but the same characteristics
Would be dressed in red or pink
Women are so different!
Cause heroes are almost zero by the statistics
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010

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Comments (4)

Nice poem,but hey who makes the
statistics? Seems a little one or Zero's..gee!thumbs up angel applause doh
This is soooo true, thanks for sharing...
I couldn't care less what men were, there is no way I would obey to them or accept their advice. I definitely wouldn't be worshipping them. Red or pink rolling on the floor laughing Get out of it! Women will always have their own mind and always have whether men be heroes or zero's. Women just like to let men think that so it keeps them happy, but in the end if it gets too out of control, WHAM! They fight and that's it, over. Control freaks arn't heroes no matter how much great or wise they think they are. They could be saving the world but when it comes to me it's respect or get lost Thermo man
rolling on the floor laughing
I salute NeverEndingStory and her comm. It's the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God!
cheering applause head banger cheers
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