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My Love For you Franklin

Funny when things never change
Even when you say they will
But while your off
My life is standing still

You tell me that you love me
When i am about to leave you
You tell me i am your only one
And i let myself believe

I know that you are using me
But you'll never let me go
I know that you dont love me
I know i am just for a show

I don't know if i can stand
to see you love another girl
You know that you broke my heart
you know that your my world

But while i still hear your voice
I'll believe your lies forever
cause everything seems so perfect when we are together...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
i wrote this poem franklin cause i just can't erase you off my mind even after you cheated on me and lie to me and break your promises all the time. it's just hard to let you go... honey and it hurts! cause i cant erase that pain

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trurorobonline today!
Hope you find the strength, maybe this is the first step
its lovely. I love the last verse. applause applause cheering cheering
Yes the last verse is beautiful. Nice poem. In time you'll get the strength to move on.
It's funny how life can seem just fine without a person before you meet them, then you meet and fall in love and when they leave....your life is empty and painful. The important thing to remember is that, no matter how much you love and care for a person, you can't change them or their actions. They have to be ready to change for themselves. It seems like he is treating you as if you are not good enough for him, when in reality...he is the one who doesn't deserve you!

Great poem! You are truly talanted.
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