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DIVINE LOVE (the perfect love).

Tell why you love me, But don't run away, Tell me why you care, But don't be afraid to hold me. I see the tears in yours eyes. I know that your heart is broken, But always remember when the hurt is to much to bear there is someone far greater then me. Look around you and see all the divine wonders of the world. There is so much that is given to you. So let my gentle hands wipe away your tears for your life is that of someone special that is why I love you so much for being you. The stars up in the heavens call your name and the sun brighten up the day as the world turns from day to night. The darken heavens are lite up by billions of stars that also brighten your life as everyone see the joy of childrens playing with each other. For there is no greater Love then to Love one another for perfect Love cast out all fear. That the secret of why little children Love everyone it is because of their innocents hearts they know no wrong but only trusting in the creator above. So I will go away just being me. But don't leave sad and lonely for I am part of you. I look at the sky above and I see GOD in every thing that lives. Written and Copyright by J Daniel time.5:00.a.m.Thursday,7jan2010 [email protected]
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Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
I have a great love for people and I know there is a better way to life. That is why I mention children and GOD, It is also for people to learn more about others and what the true meaning of love is.

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DIVINE LOVE (the perfect love).
by: danalpha0:
Absolutly beautiful thankyou for sharing.
A great!pleasure reading such an inspiring write
the perfect love(DEVINE LOVE
purple heart angel
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