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'Politicans Irish Style'

'Politicans in Ireland talk a load of Shite'

Politicans in Ireland talk a load of shite
They call to your door at election times
Promising you everything in life
You listen attentatively and give them your time
And eventually you give them your vote
They return to the Dail and start to fight
Only because they all think their right
Politicans in Ireland talk a load of shite.

Ireland,it just does'nt seem right
People are starting to worry were they right to vote
They voted Fianne Fail, who have a gall
Because they can't get it right
The taoiseacht at the time
Was busy hidding money,with his past bunny
Only to be found out
So carful were his answers
That it came to light
That Celia bought a beauty parlour
Just to look right
Politicans in Ireland talk a load of shite

The Tribunal for him won't be a win
So he may give up his fight
He has lost all his credability by acting the goat
Funny thing is, he still got your vote
Politicans in Ireland talk a load of shite

I don't like to complain but Bertie should explain
How much pain he has caused for his own gain
You had a responability to this nation
And remember have no notion
Or you would be better off taking a poison potion
Than pushing a posion pen
Politicans in Ireland talk a load of shite

We are a very forgiving Nation,Tolerable one too
So don't be worring Bertie as Mary is doing it too
Her health is not the best,neither is mine
I guess she's filling her pockets with Bertie in mind
Sure Charlie did it for years with no one in mind
So don't be worring Bertie
We all have you on our minds!
Politicans in Ireland talk a load of shite.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
Politican in Ireland are still talking a load of shite!

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Comments (2)

I like your poem, it is so true, here in Canada too.
I think it's same all over the world. Thank you
trurorobonline today!
All politicians are shite my Irish friend, love the way you use the beauty of the Irish in your works.
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