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Star Shine

A star settling to earth
sacrificing almost all to walk through
dew dappled grass.

Her brilliance contained-
but not extinguished,
she proceeds forward in life to
wear away her oh so human scars

and always the Light remains.

Over years, past heartache, beyond fear
she moves with the stumbling grace of a
babe just learning to walk...

following the calling.

Over hills, beneath the willows,
content in the sense of their embrace.
Where she goes, only she truly knows...

Some, privileged to know her deeply
see the star shine within.
Some, listening closely, hear the call of the divine soul

A few, sensing her higher path, walk beside.
nudging her side, holding her hand and laughing
in response to her joy.

How does one hold a soul?
How to see within...from without?
Some know...a precious few...

And so they walk, hand in hand
across the fields and streams,
climbing forever towards the heavens
to a destiny of One.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010

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Comments (3)

Grommi - Just love the spiritual essence of your poetry. I look forward to reading more!peace
Nice combination of phrases.
Very descriptive angel thumbs up
You are so gifted in your poetry writing. The words that I am reading are really making me feel what you are writingteddybear
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by Unknown
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