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Ever wondered what its like to be,
A being that exists in its own reality,
A feeling, a thought, an intangible essence,
When will you grace the world with your presence?

Do you want to exist?
Do you want to be known?
Or are you all tangled up,
In the seeds that you've sown.

From the beginnings of you,
To the end of your life,
Take time to be true,
Come to peace with your strife,
For the truth is so simple,
Its not easy to see,
Which is why we continue this mad fantasy.

We live in a world of others ideas,
We live in a trap bought about by their fears,
Don't listen to them,
Don't do as they say,
Your life is for you,
Don't throw it away.

For one who believes and stands up to be free,
Will stand as a light through eternity,
Become what you are and seek what you be,
Become part of the one, omnipresent with me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
truth, love and light shine on

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