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Mistake Break

Gotta few screws loose, now you've frightened them tight
I got rushed, Stopped, Cuffed and sent to jail
Family to the rescue to post my bail
As this story continues only time will tell
We see history repeat, but its time to excel
Got the worse charges dropped but bills to be paid
All my options open and ready to be weighed
Two years of probation left to reflect
Livin in this country as a reject
Now to show all of you who I really am
No negativity round me cause don't give a damn
Time to take a break from the mistakes I've made
With a whole new perspective and the same game played
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
Hard times and growing from them

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Well said. Time to take the
other road.thumbs up applause angel
good poem.
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by Unknown
on Jan 2010
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