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Wonders of the World

I often wonder,
Why the sky is blue and the grass is green,
Our ears to hear and our eyes for seen,
Why a river flows and the trees are so tall,
And for when born cant walk only crawl,
How deep is the ocean how big is the sea,
And why does a monkey climb up a tree,
Why do sheep have wool and cows give us milk,
And there's even a worm that people call silk,
Even a camel has a big hump,
And why does the little kangaroo jump,
Why are there stars in the sky at night,
But dissapear when it is bright,
Why is the sun so very hot,
When the moon looks the same but yet it is not,
Why is water wet and wind so strong,
And why do people write a song,
Why do fish swim and why do birds fly,
And how come some days there's no clouds in the sky,
Why do rabbits have such long ears,
And why when we're sad our eyes produce tears,
Why do we eat and why do we drink,
And why do we scratch our heads when we need to think,
I wonder.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
Just a little something to give a smile.

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trurorobonline today!
I wonder, but not over this, I liked it
Nice poempeace
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