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"paper or plastic"

“paper or plastic”

it never really mattered what she wore
eyes like that belied her mind
come in close and look behind them
no flies on this one
natural beauty don’t need no making up
high school prom or formal banquet
mowing the lawn or shopping for food
jeans or skirts or a bathing suit
no matter, no one paid attention to her attire
whether prada shoes or sandals
the devil wasn’t in the details
clothes don’t make the woman
mama always knew but didn’t want to say
honey, you’d look in a trash bag any old day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010

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Comments (2)

Yes some woman have
natural beauty for sure
some inside beauty and some both
cool angel thumbs up applause
lonnie2 - I enjoyed reading this poem and the thoughts you raised...thanks!applause
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by Unknown
on Jan 2010
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