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The Internet Dating Poem

Hi. My name is Stan.
I thought I had a plan.
I'd join a dating site.
And there find Miss Right.
But my very simple quest
Has brought me much unrest.
Is there anyone who's real,
Whose genuineness I might feel?
Or are all scammers & fakers,
Not givers, but only takers?
On the net can true love be found
Where when I "chat" there's no sound?
Or are all devils in disguise,
Who give only false replies?
My heart it is surely aching,
It can take no more breaking.
So if my "earth angel" is for real,
Then my wounded soul she must heal.

If you are reading this poem
From your bright cheery home.
And you're looking for someone true
And not some jerk from Timbuktu.
Then I just might be the man
That will take you by the hand.
As I bend down on one knee
And ask: "Will you love only me?"
If your answer is a yes
There will be a sweet caress.
My heart and mind will soar on high
As Cupid shoots his arrows from the sky.
Binding us together for life
As your husband and my wife.
If all this sounds like a dream
Then don't wake up or even scream.
For we must not lose our hope for love
It comes not from below but from above.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this about some of my bad experiences with Internet Dating and about my hoped for good experiences from the same.

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Comments (5)

It's different isn't it...internet...who would have really have to be careful...there are so many scammers and bots out there...not to mention the just plain wierdos. But I have also met some very nice people that have become true friends to me. Thereis alot of good out there too!


btw...good poem thumbs up
trurorobonline today!
good poem Internet dating is hard, but you have to plug away at it!!.
Definitely hit the nail on the head.
Have to approach everything with caution.
I don't understand why caution seems to put
some people all are aware of the
problems. If it seems too good to be true it
probably is. It's really wrong to toy with
people's emotions.applause angel thumbs up head banger cheers
haha classic.
Nice poem,one has to be wary about the pitfalls on the net,they come in various guises;of course they are genuine people.Wish you luck. cheers wave
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