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The Love I know Is Forever

The Love I know, is Forever
It has no Boundarys
Built on Integrity and Trust
Or A Flat Tire, in the Muck

Love Does Not Start at Sex
just having some fun
whats Her Name Tomorrow
For that is Lust

Then there is One
Who Searches the Heart
Good Deed to you
who did Their Part

So Let Love take its time
To find you There
Just seeing Pics
can only stare

Love snuck up on me
with God at the Stix
to fulfill My Desires
My Lifetime Fix

I feel it's Love
with All of my Heart
sent from Above
Not Of the Dark

Both Hearts are Thrashing
A Heavenly Love
soon He will Meet Her
and confirm their Love

The Powers within us
are taking the lead
with Miles between us
Seeming like Feet

I Look for a Love so strong
to Hold to High Winds
and Crashes of thunder
Tho, peace,with good Reason

Love will find us when it does
No need to hurry
or Fly like a Dove
just follow the signs, from above!

Welcome To Internet Love!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
To Alexandra

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Comments (3)

Well that was just beautiful.....even if you have a moose on your wall!!!grin
Very sincere and touching
with a great story!Wishing you
the best on your angel thumbs up applause cheers
Very nice poem Larry ! All the best to the both of you...teddybear hug bouquet
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