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If You Were My Angel

Woke up today in the still light of dawn
With my mind gone astray and the radio on
Then I picked out the mask I would wear for the day
And I cast myself into this same awful play

And the people of faces I see are the dark
Like the wet side of riverside rocks in the park
I finesse my way through and I swallow my screams
But they're all shreds of bitter-root bark in my dreams

But if you were my angel I know that I would
Claw my way back from this neck of my woods
Then I'd try to climb down from this razor-wire fence
Yes if you were my angel, it would all make some sense

Fail to plan, plan to fail, isn't that what they say
So I plan to wear blisters the rest of my days
Where the rough side of everything real rubs me raw
'Till I'm tempted to put my own neck to the saw

But if you were my angel I know I'd calm down
And I wouldn't daydream about breaking the ground
With the hammer I stole from the God of distress
Yes if you were my angel I'd clean up this mess
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
Women should be able to identify with this poem easily. I worked with a man who based all of his hideous behavior on the fact that the woman of his choosing wanted nothing to do with him. I wrote the poem as if I was speaking from his perspective, but the man was in every way repulsive, I'm very glad that I am not him!

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Comments (6)

Wow! Fantastic! Like it wave
Strong the line "Where the rough side of everything real rubs me raw"!applause
Another great poem from you ! thanks teddybear bouquet
I enjoyed your poem very much. You are gifted. Thanks for sharing.
And thank you ever so much, ladies! I love ya!
super poem!applause
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