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Star Has Lost Her Starshine

Star used to Shine
For All to see
But now that's just a Memory
Of one more thing that used to be
For Star has lost
Her Starshine

Another time that she went Dark
Her Soulmate gone, Life's meaning stark
She watched him to the Heavens arc
He took with him
Her Starshine

Never understanding
There was no time for said Goodbyes
Nor one last time for His blue eyes
To ever see
His Star shine

Upon the Skyline
She would gaze
Her Soulful eyes were Teardropped glazed
She couldn't see her Yesterdays
They blinded all her

To understand
The plan Divine
She searched within and tried to find
A reason not to lose her Mind
As she had lost
Her Starshine

She really
Didn't want to stay
To face Life's struggles every day
The Light too dim to see the Way
For her to find
Her Starshine

And then
One day she found a Friend
Inspired the poems she'd someday Pen
His Mission was a Hand to lend
For her to find
Her Starshine

Her head
Upon the pillow lay
As stAri dreamed of Words to say
To lure the Muse who slipped away
To bring back
All her Starshine

And then
One day a brilliant Light
The Muse appeared within her sights
Inspired fingers told to Write
Directions to
Her Starshine

One evening
When her Day was done
She met a Blue Eyed Blonde for fun
She never dreamed he'd be the One
To find her missing
Star shine

Her Starshine
To her had returned
She found another Him to yearn
More brilliant than before it Burned
Star's Shine

She Melded
Unlike times before
To him who made her Spirit soar
To Places never reached before
He magnified
Her Starshine

To all those whose Eyes
Saw Star's light Blazing in the skies
Fueled from Gazes from Blue Eyes
Mirroring the
Star's shine

Dreams we dream can never Be
Unless we take the Chance to see
If they could be Reality
Or just appear in
Our minds

Dreams can't last Forever
Sometimes lasting next to Never
Dreams we dream so easily severed
Dreams dreamt under
The Moon's shine

A Cloud filled Sky
She feels the pain
Of having lost a Love again
Tears from Eyes of green do Rain
The Clouds all hide
Her Starshine

She opens up
And tells her Friend
Who once again his Hand does lend
To dry her Tears and her Heart mend
To help to find
The Star's shine

It's only
For a little while
For soon he'll make his stAri smile
And then again men she'll Beguile
As she turns on
Her Starshine

Of them have regrets
Lovers grateful to have Met
Memories shared they can't Forget
Of Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
And Star's Shine

Sweet memories
Linger as they Sleep
Tucked within their Hearts to keep
Will never melt from Tears they Weep
From Eyes on Whom
The Stars shone

Do not Cry or Weep for me
For someday soon Star's shine you'll see
From Memories made and those to Be
They all make up
Star Shine

'Star Has Lost Her Starshine' Copyright © Star
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
A lost Soulmate. Another He to take hold of Me. Dreams which must be followed. A Friend with broad shoulders to cry upon. Dreams of a Dream to reach for. Such is Life...

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~> sTAR~sHINE ~> mELTS ~>

~> pOOR ~> mORTAL'S ~> sOULS ~>

~> sWEET ~> mEMORIES ~> mADE ~>

~> nOW ~> tURN ~> tO ~> gOLD !!

~> lOVE ~> yOUR pOET fRIEND ~> dAVID !!
trurorobonline today!
I enjoyed this read.
Stari - nice star shine :) enjoyable read...thanks for sharingteddybear
That was beautiful to read ... Very moving!
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