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Moonlight Memories

On such a serene cool winter night
The calmness beckons old memories in
I see your face where shines the moon light
On yonder curving soft white parrafin
Your soft white face as if cast in wax of white
Its solid shape now pulls me toward and in
And now my heart won't acknowlege past plight
The memories old of the love resembling sin
The love so joyous could not be a Godly sight
We loved so much sweet girl of supple skin
Tis no doubt we commited a near fatal blight
We hosted a love far beyond where love has been
If this had been nectar from the god's so bright
We feasted til full and took others' share unseen
We took twice our share and thought it alright
Laughing, living and loving til it seemed quite obscene
Then Perhaps our energy used and becoming slight
We slowly wasted away in a drifting way serene
Such that I only want to remember the early night
And drift away slowly before the end of the dream
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
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Comments (12)

trurorobonline now!
got that Larry, sometimes they hurt as well as being remembered fondly, but what the hell they are still our own little world.
boyshchrm - really enjoyed reading this poem...and it's many facets :)cool
I enjoyed this poem. We all have our memories. Glad you shared.
Boychshrm, I enjoyed reading this poem, TY.thumbs up tip hat angel
Hi, boyshchrm6, I only want to remember the early night /
And drift away slowly before the end of the dream
... such a powerful and bittersweet ending. Oh, but could we hold onto only the good parts of life and love! Thanks for sharing.
thanks Rob.Yes memorie some
times happy and sad at the same time cool angel doh
Thanks Jazzy. This was a
dream of fiction of course.angel thumbs up angel
dear poet boyshchrm6,
we cannot live without good memories that never end in life...

good thought..
sabeel.teddybear teddybear teddybear
Thanks PinkPoetress. Hope your
hand is better soon. Miss your great angel
Thanks luvuluvme2. Always appreciate
your comments. Tah!cool angel thumbs up
Thanks gnj4u.
Appreciate your input as always. tahcomfort angel
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