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The tumble lock

There were four
tighter than a shut door
Two felt One had sunk too low
they believed it was time for him to go
for he did not evolve, he changed
at the whim of a Lass-Hoe
In defense of his Lass-hoe he said
hell no
Two hung One like his white T to dry
This could have been goodbye
The Fourth flew North and said
For all that its worth
Lets go south just keep the cocky out of your mouth
again there were Four One still askew
The third pondered, he knew what to do
He locked the door
The Lass-Hoe could open it no more
The Lass-Hoe locked out One started to pout
three looked down upon the Fourth when
they all heard
The fourth held his ground for three
did not see the intentions of the sound
The doors tumble lock that brought her down
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010

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Thebuffalo - you have an unique style of writing...thank you for sharing :)
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