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This side of me

Seeking fun and adventure at every turn
Quick to laugh and the champ of one-liners
Easy-going, one day at a time
I am free to show
This side of me

Enthralled by the sunset on the water
Listening to the sounds of silence
Touched by the beauty that surrounds
I will gladly show
This side of me

Constantly striving to fill the need to know
Searching and thirsting for knowledge
A deep need to understand my world
I can show to you
This side of me

Faith that has found its resting place
Firmly placed in the hands of God
Sustaining me through tempest seas
I hopefully can show
This side of me

Gentle mother rocking her child
Crooning softly to her dear little one
Teaching, training, raising to maturity
Showing a part of
This side of me

Strong-headed, strong-willed woman
Tough as stone, stand my ground
No compromise of my values
Can I show you
This side of me

Buried deep the hidden dreams
The aching heart and arms
That long to hold a matching soul
I do not dare show
This side of me

Pain and sorrow have left their marks
Tears have etched ravines across my heart
Battle scars mar my life
No one can know
This side of me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
it is about the things we will and will not show each other

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Comments (4)

justpickone - I enjoyed your poem and the many facets...thanks for sharing a side of you :)hug bouquet
Thank you wave
Better than exceptional, m'lady! Very well done!
this is a beautiful poem
well written
shows sensitivity and thought
God bless you always
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by Unknown
on Feb 2010
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