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My Cure

If it wasn't the kiss of your lushes lips,
or the hand you've extended to me...
Nor the feeling of mine as it enters my mind,
when you finish my sentences for me!
Is it the skin you posses which i love to caress?
Or your body that's given to me!
The longing eyes makes the sensation rise...
That it's our hearts that make the beat!
It's the feeling I get deep in my chest...
That knows it's love you see...
for my heart is huge and the pain that is undue...
Which is what has brought you to me!
A healer you are for every scar...
I thank you for curing me!
For now I do see you are meant for me,
for all eternity!
Much love it will be for you and me...
As our hearts bathe in the sea!
My vision is lost deep within thoughts,
Tis' our love we will always breathe
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this poem on 2-5-09 because i have realized i allowed my cure to leave my life because of her commitment issues. Still after 8 years there was the same issue of her moving to the states and how she would just not commit. So i lost my cure and am now awaiting to find the rest of my heart!

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trurorobonline today!
seems a shame, but well versed. Perhaps she just didnt love you enough.
A person you love is NOT the Cure! You have to cure within, ask the Lord to help you! He will never let you down!
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