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To my valentines

As valentines halts to a near
Whispers of emotions sing in my ears,
I was once a happy man
Now i am a lonely man,
Its hard to admit you are just a memory
Yet my heart still holds you like a territory,
I knew no misery nor felt no sorrows
Simply my heart got stroked by straight arrows,
The new love you have uncovered
Let it be unveiled by the two who discovered,
May it blossom like lilies in spring
May it remain happy like two birds who sing,
I love you once, i can love you again
May our hearts one day reunite and forget about the pain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
Well about this poem, i tried to throw my emotions to it and see how it feels. If you have read it, you will notice a mix of confusion and pain. Again i am just an amature when it comes for poetry but i love to try and write.

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Comments (3)

Octopus2010, we tend to think about lost loves around Valentinesday
there is new loves out there ready to be discovered, and to make us happy. TY. I enjoyed your poem.
comfort angel
Thanks. I never good at poetry so i am quite shocked on how many people actually read it. This gave me a positive attitude and i think i would write more. blushing
trurorobonline today!
no such thing as a good or bad poet my friend, just self expression, I liked this poem
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