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Mama Said There Were No Monsters

Mama said there were no monsters, as she tucked me into bed
I believed her without question and lay down my weary head
to taste the blessed slumber found only in sweet youth
before we've held the hands of time and awaken to the truth.
For thirty odd years later, the question still remains ~
If there really are no monsters why so many victims slain?

Mama said there were no monsters, but I think she may have lied.
I now believe,without a doubt, they flourish worldwide
for I saw their gross reflection in the tears a stranger wept;
a single blast of hateful glee no one could intercept.
I heard them in the keening of a heart no comfort found
I feel them in the fear that stalks as I walk their hunting grounds

Mama said there were no monsters, as she tucked me into bed
how I wish I could believe her as I rest my graying head!
I wish I could recapture the slumber of my youth
to dream again what I dreamed of then, before I learned the truth;
that monsters do indeed exist and are walking hand in hand
with the freedom we so cherish, like tiny grains of sand.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This was written in 2002 for the victims of the D.C sniper & their families.
I was living in the Metro area at that time, and will never forget the fear and sadness that engulfed our community for awhile.

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trurorobonline today!
well written, yes we associate monsters with animals, but in fact humans are the worst monsters!, how true!
there will always be monsters but also angels to watch over us
Wow! Wait a minute, let me do that over... WOW!!yay
Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment - especially the double WOW! (blushing) I also like the positive spin in your comment, John- for it is true. As real as the "monsters" are, so are the "angels". Those special persons who stand out, by way of their compassion and sincere desire to help another human being - not because there is something to be gained, but because it is simply the right thing to do. Perhaps, I need to write a poem about them, eh? Haven't written anything new in a long time, so . . . thanks for the seed of inspiration! "Write on!"cheering
hug banana Well written it brought a lump to my throat!
There are many ways in which to express our pain and sadness, our hearts and gladness. You do it well with the story you tell

Also the poem has many stories in itself for many people in different ways. FANTASTIC. ... Give us some more of thoes brill words.
banana heart wings
banana I have a daughter who's name is JOY and as a baby and child that is how I thought of her. Joyfull Spirit.heart1 banana
Joyfullspirit - well written...I enjoyed this poem immensely!teddybear
Fantastic poem. Look forward to reading more, thank you teddybear
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