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shy valentines guy

Oh! you shy guy why don't you give love a try
You sit on the sidelines watching all you're time go by
She smiles and winks but you're eyes don't blink
She wants you to go over and buy her a drink

You hesitate you watch then you think
The moment slips by still you never gave it a try
You're dressed as dark as the night time sky
You never think to stop and ask yourself why

You feel left out from this curse they call shy
Sometimes it hurts so bad it wants to make you cry
You're heart speaks to you but you're mind becomes aware
This battle inside of you it seems agonizingly unfair
You're circle of friends have labled you as a square

Oh! you shy guy it's time to step up to the plate
Nothings going to happen if you sit there and wait
She wears that short dress to lure you in as bait
So go over and ask her if she would like to go on a date
This could be what you two are looking for this could be fate

Tell her what you're looking for in a loving soulmate
She knows how to read you she can hear you're heart rate
So tell her how great you can make her first date
Be kind and sincere don't be afraid to shed a tear
She will know right then you have emotions that care

Oh! you shy guy don't let anymore of you're precious time go by
If you walk away tonight alone it will be no ones fault but your own
If you don't break this curse you will always be alone thats worse
Having a warm hand to hold you might break out of this mold
You need to reconsider life with her you would not be so bitter

She could greet you with a kiss at the door each night
Share dinner with you by romantic candlelight
Tell her how much you really mean to her
Even when you're feeling a little scared or unsure

She will accept you for who you really are
Knowing you will be her knight and shining star
She will love you're gentle and shy ways
When she needs to cuddle roll around and play
She will want you to remain shy to make all her ideas fly!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
don't be afraid...just go for it,and see where it all leads,lifes to short to sit back and let it all slip by....a poem of courage.

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Comments (5)

Poem for loser's! If you don't ask you don't getlaugh
Shy guys are good guys, who are just anxious about failures. Once he gets his bearing and the nerve to ask her out, her is fine. Good poem!
trurorobonline today!
A lot of successful people in this world are still shy, I dont agree that a shy person is a loser!. Good take on this personality condition though.
yes i agree,for some to break the ice,it's not a big deal,but for people like myself,and others out there,they have no idea what it feels walk up to her,but then somthing within,just stops you in you're tracks,am i afraid of failure,am i anxious,rejection,???unless you felt this will never understand.dunno
Rejection is my greatest fear. Maybe the girl is the same as him. I've talked to the prettiest girls in luring clothes that have the same fear. It doesn't mention her flirting. A really clever written poem. If fear of rejection means being a loser then I'm a loser. Thank you for sharing teddybear hug
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