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Spring Festival

I used to long for Spring Festival so much when I was a little girl. New clothes, new shoes, delicious food....cracks.....

I used to long for Spring Festival so much when I was a young mother, bought all good things for my daughter, decorated my home, gathered with all relatives....

But This year,
after I finished
cleaning everywhere throughly,
go shopping, decorate my home....

I found only myself at home,
with a weak body
a jaded appetite,
a lonely heart,
and with tears out of my eyes quietly

How much I wish a person with me together during the big holiday
How much I wish a person could be with me when I feel not well,pass me a glass of water, touch my forehead, hug me and cheer me up....

How much I least I'm not so uncomfortable at the moment

This is the last day of the Chinese lunar year of ox
Tomorrow will be the first day of Tiger year
I wish I will be well when the first sunshine come in my room tomorrow.
I wish all bad things will be brought away by the ox
and the new tiger will leave me happiness....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
I got a cold the other day, sometimes I really forget how to take good care of the result is like my daughter has gone to her grandma's home...

lonely heart plus weak body made this writing...

Thanks for reading and sorry if there are mistakes in the writing.

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Comments (4)

trurorobonline today!
cheer up my poet friend, you are not alone, you just feel that you are. nice poem.
Thanks for commenting!
I feel a little better after having a little porridgesigh
I'll watch Spring Festival Gala after a while...alonesigh

Yes, I'm not alone, my daughter will come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.cheering
Wishing you a happy new year Amenda! Hope you feel better soonteddybear
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