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Life's Single Goal

if you only had one chance to save someone from dying
or keep yourself alive
would you take the chance?
would you give it thought?
to most of us its a rhetorical question
save ourselfs
be greedy
be selfish
but there are a few that are willing to give up what they have
for someone that has a better chance
a better life
a better purpose in life
someone who has yet to live it
yet to breath, touch, hear alot of lifes attributes
why keep living your own life
full of temptations
things polluting your mind
your body
your speech
your everyday living
your not a good person inside and out
why keep it going making it worse
making it worse for others
when you could be unselfish for once
save a lfe then make one a living hell
be a hero for yourself
it would be the only good deed youve done
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this poem when I was feeling a little depressed. I felt like life was unbearable and thought maybe if i wasn't around someone would have a better life. In a way the poem is being the opposite of what I really wanted to do because in this poem it was about putting your life on the line for someone else to save them, but in realty i wanted to take my life to make another life better. This poem was just a bundle of thoughts rolling in my head because it seems I could only write poetry when it comes to me so I hope you guys like. And don't steal it because that was my only hesitation of posting this.

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by Unknown
on Feb 2010
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