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I Will Vist My Friend

Life is too busy, life is too fast
Life isn’t what it was in the past
I want to visit or call and say hi
I never actually do it, but I really do try

The weeks flash on by, they turn into years
The demands of living, the unreasonable fears
I still think of you and I will visit you soon
Our friendship revived, our friendship resumed

The workload increases, my energy is sapped
My home life in turmoil, I’m hopelessly trapped
I think of you often, at least I will write
I’ll explain my absence; I’ll tell you my plight

This morning I read with utter desolation
There in the obituary is the affirmation
My good friend is dead; all I can do is weep
I promised to visit my guilt is so deep

I held your love in the palm of my hand
And let it vanish like prints in the sand
It’s too late to call to tell you my friend
How I miss you already and shall till my end.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
Friendship is very special but we live our lives in the fast lane and assume our friends will always be there.

Make time for the special people in our lives :)

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Comments (7)

Beautiful poem. Well written for an angel. Thanks for sharing teddybear
a very well written poem, I agree. I rhyming and form is great, the cadence easy. the message obvious...nice
irisheyes1 - friends should be treasured indeed...thanks for the reminder....good poemwave
trurorobonline today!
sad but well written!, but it happens to us all!
Nice thoughts Irisheyes. I guess we should take nothing
for granted, but yes life is to complex. Easy to let
important things angel crying thumbs up
Wonderful writing. One of the best that I have read. Your story is all too true.
"I held your love in the palm of my hand And let it vanish like prints in the sand", exquisite phrases...!!! And we're all so guilty of this sad neglect of friendship... I agree with Hedi, this is one of the best poems I have read on this site...
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