my strenght

deliverance of my strength
rising up to the melody
of my weakness
confidence and robust trust
with you I am melted
reduced to the submission
of my indomitable will
relentlessly yet yielding
into the claws of your dominance

impaired and restrained
I am swimming
in the wilderness of obscurity
with the intensity of abominable
and injurious apathy
I am, for once, dwindling
in the plight of the wind
dignity and pride escape me
but not losing sight
of the last drop of hope
I will hang unto

and as the seagulls
fly over me one more time
halfway buried
in the arid heat of the sand
as their eyes pierce me
with disdain and contempt
advancing towards my harmed
and languid body
I will not laugh, nor will I cry
but stand on my last ounce of force
shout back...

"is this all you've got?"

and while bleeding halfway to death
I will not give up!!

I will gather back all my strength
and with my fist curled up to the sky
believing one last time-

this is my one and only life..
only me can save me
from my own self destruct
and with the choirs of the angels
I rise up
with my will intact
never to lose this battle
I will fight back


my strength is unbroken
my hope is unyielding
my love is forgiving
and still standing
fighting, with all my strength
until my last breath is charged

there is no other way.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014
About this poem:
I am celebrating the 2nd year of my clearance from the call of my rare cancer, (one in a million) when I was given at most 90 days to live, yet again. My 6 specialists and the one I love then, went through with me step by step until the last moment of the remarkable call, that miraculously, I was not only healed but like nothing ever afflicted me..My gratefulness forever with whom lent me his heart, mind and soul on this journey. And to all of you on here who were all there for me. Thank you all guys. Tears are running wild at the moment creating my own OCEAN OF JOYS to be still with you.

Thank you always..

a new strength found when defeat is unyielding
strong and unforgiving

but your presence is inspiring
and your love is the crown of my hopes

Shared not for sympathy, I am way past that...But for all to know that life is good...and beautiful, when we feel the sun's warmth, believe it. Life is short...Spend it usefully and gratefully. No matter how bad it is or was, IT IS STILL A VERY BEAUTIFUL LIFE..

Thank you all..

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Comments (21)

My hat is off to you on this one,
I think to be a survivor, you need
huge inner strength.
Superb positive write !

tip hat
Hi Phyllisbouquet

First class from start to finish... A very inspiring read.

Thank you for the sublime show of strenght, from your wonderful heart Amazing...

Martina xxxhug angel

very nice poem I like it thanks for sharing
My dearest friend;what an inspirational write,what an admirable stringth of spirit you have and I fill so proud and touched to know you. This poem broth tears in my eyes and thank you for sharing hug teddybear
Much strength is conveyed in this poem dear Phyllis. Truly an inspirational read. Just the kind of poem that uplifts one spirit to fight another day. hug
Lovely write about the strength found within sister Phyllis!

Thanks Mick. Your plight is very courageous indeed.

beautifully crafted deep piece dear friend excellently penned phyllisangel
Martina my friend, thanks so much
Thank you for sharing your history with us. I'm sure many here were aware of your situation, and I even seem to remember someone posting a prayer request for you a while back, but I was completely unaware of the details. That fact, coupled with your blog, helped paint a clear picture. Its nice to see your humble gratitude for your second chance, and I know everyone here loves you very much........thumbs up
Nighty thank you so much and I am grateful at all your reads and comments.
E my friend, thank you so much and how are you?

Love your poems, too. Take care..
Your testimony gives hope to many who have gone and are going through! Sister u r truly blessed and it's awesome that in return u bless others. Wonderful write! J applause hug bouquet
M my dearest darling friend...Thank you so much as always..

Your comments my dear beautiful brother is always appreciated..
Ken my dearest brother thank you always with your great comments...

Inspirational to say the least.
Liam thank you so much
Thanks Ck Appreciate always
Joseph my brother, thanks as always

Your thoughts of your healing is a great testimony
of your faith. And faith is the magic of the stars..which
you are.
heart wings
I wish I had seen this when you wrote it. You are a very strong person and I commend you for your strength in faith as well as your body. What you experienced was a miracle from God - no 2 ways about it. So glad you are still with us Lindsay!

Kathy hug teddybear
Jim, anyone who's been through of what I have will really believe that there's someone out there more powerful than us, I call Him God.

Thank you. angel
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