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Secret Garden


Can I play in your secret garden?
And come amongst your furtive flowers
Let me scatter my seed in the soil of your need
Then doze in your orchard for hours

May I wander through your vegetation?
Pluck naked the fruit from your tree
When I peel back the skin, taste the ripeness within
I’ll believe that it blooms just for me

Do I have your permission to enter?
Plant my unworthy weed in your lawn
I won’t let it take root or cause nettles to shoot
Our game shall engender no spawn

Oh you are the keeper of Eden
And I am a much-privileged child
I am trusted to touch every scented rose bush
Breathe love till your petals blow wild
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
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Comments (4)

very interesting undertones
You have a great unique style...I look forward to reading morehandshake
trurorobonline today!
nice double meaning style and poem
You are definately talented in your use of words... amazing and pleasurable read...applause teddybear
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