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My daughter…

My daughter…

My daughter once gave me a heart,
A heart full of love and tenderness,
A heart full of trust and respect,
A heart that spoke to me of a dad…

A dad, who cared,
A dad, who loved,
A dad, who taught,
A dad, who was patient,
A dad, who was always there.

Wherever you go dad,
Carry this heart with you, she said,
To remind you of me.
My daughter, my daughter, where are you?
I miss you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This was written to my 2nd daughter, I have six, at a time when we were separated by a few oceans...

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Comments (4)

Earlgreytea - nice poem...i enjoyed reading it!handshake
i only have one daughter and cannot even image being separated from her athough i know the time for that to happen is right around the corner
to all the beautiful daughters out there ... live, soar, believe

purple heart
Great poem, full of sentiment
Thanks folks, yeah, if only we truly not only believed but felt and acted on the fact that we're all One[I should write about that...]..., sigh... My unintended separation from my daughters is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to experience[and I have been through wars, terror attacks, lost in the desert, and more...], I did not eat for 2 weeks, the first time... I have 2 of them with me now, and the other 4 are planing to visit this year, so, YAY!!!, I cannot wait!
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