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essence of water

what beholds the wonders of water
the essence of life which we seek
the very essence we are made of
its the essence in which we drink

it covers most of the planet
yet not all of it is drinkable
it either salt contented
or is very polluted by fertiliser's

there nothing like sitting by a river
listening to the sound of fast flowing water
which puts me in a trance of relaxation
yet again most rivers are murky not crystal clear

go back into the ages you wouldn't find it a problem
pollution was low and rivers more clear
wildlife and fish did not lack
but now its bad enough to be constricted to water taps
than having the knowledge the essence of water around us
is mostly damaged
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
expressing my thoughts

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Comments (6)

trurorobonline today!
very true Scarwolfe
Nice tribute to water and dangers of pollution.
One day water will be like gold. We should
protect it now before drinking water is angel thumbs up frustrated
shame the way the earth is just a new dumping ground
i really like this poem you tell it like it is
Great commentary about our pollution problem...thumbs up
shame the pollution will always be around
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