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Ice Fishing (Frozen Canuck)

We optomistically loaded our sled
Off to debated location we tred
Hit some really huge bumps
Repacked after sleigh dumps
Once out seems like paradise
Auger spews diamond like ice
Fish finder on with sensitivity set
Lures and tackle reviewed no fret
Rods and tackle quickly selected
Seats and bait admirably elected
Lines down and jigging commences
Freezing cold as we loose our senses
Wind blows and skin is numbed
Fish looking thinking we're dumb
Herring caught but not in season
Released as not allowed the reason
Hatchet clears ice as hole freezes
Balaclava on because of cold breezes
Coffee and soup to stave off hunger
Try different spots increases anger
New lures as not getting any younger
Chat to find out what other's doing
Conversing with gum we are chewing
Now dark and we're frozen and tired
Pack up feeling much less inspired
Load sled and head for shore
Up the hill is a tremendous chore
Speeding to quickly get home
Hot chocolate as we all moan
Grumble and say things not nice
However tommorrow... back on the ice?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
Ice Fishing in Canada
Just completed ice fishing tournament again this year and thought it time to share my joy once again. I think there will be a season two
poem in the making soon.(Part deux)

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Comments (19)

I loved this poem. It made me smile.
Terrific friend, and you're right....I'd rather be fishing!
lol...boyshchrm...sounds like an experience for sure...if but a little icy!cheers
Thanks PinkPoetress. Glad I made you smile.
It was a tournament for charity so not all
was angel thumbs up
'We also like to flail ourselves up here!', you think? Masochists, and I thought I was having it tough on sunny Cyprus,where we never stop sweating..., lol but, on the upside, another enjoyable yarn by our friend boyshchrm6!!!
Thanks Hedistuff. Yah fishing somehow
seems to detract from all other problems..
go figure!cool angel thumbs up doh
:applause: applause applause Really liked that! It was really easy to visualise! Thank you!
Yah Jazzy. A little icy. The biggest thing
I caught was a cold...Crazy frozen Canuck!cool angel doh
Thanks EarlgreyT.
Amazing what we Canucks
will do to amuse ourselves!!dunno doh frustrated
Hi, boyshchrm6,
Somehow I missed this when first posted. Very nice! I particularly like the line Auger spews diamond-like ice and your rhyming works well. Not sure I'd want to go ice fishing, but you certainly painted a beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing.
A belated thanks to you Juneau.
The cold made me reminiscent for
this years ice grin snowed in snowglobe
thanks for comments gnj4u. Gonna do the same dumb thing
this coming Saturday. I must be a glutton for
doh frustrated snowglobe cold doh
GREAT write on an experience that few have had the pleasure of knowing! I tried it once on a lake in Colorado... the 'complaints' of the ice (once our weight was added to it) convinced me that I liked Spring & Summer fishing a whole lot more!!! VERY visual boyscharm6! thumbs up
The job I have now I disagree. I get to see hot women all day, sit on my butt eating chip, cheese, and pretzel m+m's and drink free Mt
Dew and hot coffee. I went fishing here and all I saw was a couple blue gills. I fish in southwest Wisconsin by Cassville. Good luck with future Canadian fishing!handshake cool
Wonderful boyscchrm....Showed the real Canada.....Niahcheering teddybear
Thanks for your comment Swade. Have to be a pretty dedicated fisherman to do this ice fishing thing. I was fihing on the ice today with friends and pretty cool by the afternoon. Caught nothing but guess what? Doing it over again Friday and then Saturday the tournament. Ice in my veins I
angel dancing cold cold
I lived in Barrie for many years...I remember lake effect snow cold
Thanks for your comments Fisherman. Ice fishing is a whole other
ball game. If you do it all the time up here you outfit youself with a nice sized heated hut, have dvd and small tv, portable toilet and can spend a fun filled weekend quite comfortable. Fishing is still pretty good here in Canada...just have to get off the beaten path a bit to get bass,pike,pickerel(walleye) and the like. Kudos to another Fisherman. Fishing rocks!!!

thumbs up cheers
Well at least part of the real Canada Niah.
There is certainly a lot of activities
available in Canada and they aren't all
painfull confused dunno doh wine
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