new morn

brilliance on the sparkle
of the new morn
as it displaces the dark
and rekindle its new beginning
like the petal
waiting to bloom
so is my heart in yours

as though all the pain
of the buried memories
I am waking up to a new day
a new road
a new life
and as the counsel of time
is closing in on me
I am also rekindling
that perhaps
with the new day
a new hope is born

in my heart
in my body
in my soul
and smile and happiness is upon me
once again
with you...even if only in dreams

I can't be more content
and would ask nothing more
as my eyes feast
with the birth of a new morn
each day..

I am waiting.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2014
About this poem:
just a thought

thanks all for your read

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Comments (19)

The promise of a new morn. Creates a warming effect in the heart... Lovely Kabsat!angel teddybear
Very nicely worded,

Hello Darlink, I feel this poem and know what you mean.
Just awesome sister Phyllis!

wine Very nice thoughts ;) daydream
brilliance on the sparkle
of the new morn
as it displaces the dark ........I love it Lindsy. ....

thumbs up
Very wonderfull write my dear friend, so glad to see you happy
Such a beautiful thoughthug bouquet cheering angel wave
I can't be more content
and would ask nothing more
as my eyes feast
with the birth of a new morn
each day..

Very beautiful Phyllis.hug purple heart
Its more then tender all shown with equal affection for love to show and to give....Specially.......As the petal blooms and mine heart to .......very great feel.
In a world of 'I'm Lovin it" advertising, your poem bores me. Catch me in the first few words. doh
lindsyjonesonline today!
Kabsat Dios unay iti agngina kabsat
teddybear Reading these beautiful thoughts again teddybear
Lindsy beautiful thoughts now I read the heart mending not forgetting but mendinghug
lindsyjonesonline today!
Wow, I didn't realize how many have expressed their thoughts and feelings on this particular pain u have during tgat time. Four years ago.

I came across this while reading someone's write.(my own VERSION of writing).


Thanks guys and sorry for not acknowledging right away. teddybear
Lovely poem to read..glad it has resurfaced wave
A new day - a new slate - a new beginning. Thanks Lindsey.

Kathy teddybear
lindsyjonesonline today!
I would just like to express once again all these very good poets, very good and dear friend of mine who had carried me through those moments of my life when I was so much in pain. I truly appreciate you all. You are all my good friend and I hope that with my posts, each and everyone of us can at least draw a little bit of lesson knowing that we are not alone. That life is how it happens. While we try to direct and control the directions of our lives, sometimes destiny had it all figured out. Taking us to the many twists and turns of our journey, if only to experience and know all that which we are capable of. The saying that "what doesn't kill us, make us stronger." Yes sometimes it is very true. We can't become stronger without going through such pain induced experience. There are casualties to these test sometimes, fatal and absolutely destructive to perhaps even death as a result. But I survived and I am now in great hands and great part of my life. It is amazing and I just want to share with you right now that I am happy and again, has been loved one more time.teddybear
lindsyjonesonline today!
Happy and Kathy, I am most grateful of your comments as always. Love you all.teddybear
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