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Winds howling whipping tearing their way thru

Currents strengthening swelling with their pride

You yes you begging from release from lies

Damn them they will not have a place to hide

Moonlight shining on darkened battlefield

Yellow glow caressing imperfect man

Looking up appearing at the angel

Justice had been served not as he had planned

Looking in the mirror what does one see

Is it true you or has it been revised

To see ones self with blemishes and all

Is freedom from having to fight the lies

To ones self it is so easy to lie

In the end truth is with us when we die

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Posted: Jun 2014

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Comments (12)

Mizzy4online today!
Love the message,
The poem,
& the picture.

Mick. wine
Wonderful poem bouquet hug cheering angel
nice sad flower
The truth will always out! Is what my mother used to say. Another excellent poem from your pen Happy. hug purple heart
Ps - I just love the picture - made me laugh - just like a cat thinking she/ he is all that. laugh
Very nice Happy. Like the other comments here, I like the message in this one.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you so much Mizzy teddybear

Thank you Girlygirl ! wave

Thank you Jojosh no need for a sad flower hug

Thank you Odette and yes I do believe cats are all that laugh

Thank you Poetnumber1 flower
Lovely piece with a wonderful message even for a handsome monkey like me… So great to see your radiant smile… Much love , Jessewine
Really cool write Happy, I suppose we must love ourselves before we can be loved in return..

Kentip hat
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thanks Jesse blushing
Lies are for a season but the truth lasts forever.
Great poem...lies and deceit can be so destructive but truth prevails !
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