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Love Comes Softly

It's amazing how when one isn't looking
That Love comes and taps you on the shoulder
As you gaze into the eyes of another
You can see the passion within the soul

The connection is instantaneous
As the Heart begins to flutter oh so gently
This feeling lets you know that you are alive
It engulfs your presence as if to hold on tightly

Allowing you to feel it's warmth
Chasing the darkness from one's mind
Opening up to the Light of Love that comes
Ever so softly is simple as your breathing

It's time to acknowledge the Love that comes
Ever so softly embracing it with open arms
Knowing it will permeate your very being
Listening to the music within the Heart

As it's taken in, and released back to the heavens
One can feel the power that gentle Love holds
Because it radiates out towards all who come
Within your circle of Life and touches every soul

I witness it as I share these words out loud
The vibrations are captured like music notes
And heard ever so deeply within the contents
Of our Being that is the Vessel for Love
To visit ever so softly when we least expect it...

Love Always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This poem is about the True Essence of Love. I wrote it because people were talking about how they didn't have someone special in their lives. I got to feeling a little lost because love wasn't knocking at my own door when this memory came flooding in and I had to write it down to see the message to remember how it is...Love is never lost, it's just waiting to find us when we least expect it...

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