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sorrowful moments

etched from the deepest wound
with none to heal the pain
bleeding on a hallowed wall
as it splashes out off my vein

it's not you nor anyone
that causes all these turmoils
nor can I steer off the calls
that can erase all my troubles

at night I lay awake and alone
while the stars shine bright above
I do wish I can hold each one
to help me sort this messy life

it's not like I don't know
only death can stop my sorrow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2014
About this poem:
just feeling down but all will be fine...I am sure..

Thanks all for your read

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Comments (13)

My sweet dear friend please know that your not alone in your feelings. It's funny the way us woman feel we had a taste of what we thought was the perfect love. Maybe it was I don't know ! But I know we want that perfect love . Lol I'm dating and I'm more lonely now then when I was alone! Just goes to show . Anyways much love to you !! Feel better you're in my prayers hug hug hug angel angel daisy daisy daisy
Kabsat maawatak ti marikriknam ita a madama... Insure can relate to each and every line in this Phyllis.

"Each night I lay awake and alone
While the stars shine bright above
I do wish I can hold each one
To help me sort this messy life"

I've been there and I know exactly this feeling but keep your chin up because there is
something else that can stop your sorrow... It's called 'you' and it's a beautiful one!
No asideknak koma Kabsat ket umayka pasyaren, kablaawan ken arakupen ka iti mahigpit !teddybear hug
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sky by HaikuSoul, on Flickr

Dear friend,you're not alone,many lives your thoughts and turbulent emotions ...and life dynamic constantly giving us lessons to teach us more about ourselves than others.You're much loved for your genuine honest heart and brave -unselfish - endless giving of yourself to others.My love and prayers are with you teddybear
A sad but lovely poem dear sister, the reader is touched by your words, but to read your comment is encouraging, all will be fine, this too will pass, joy cometh in the morrow, wait and see! May God give u peace LJ comfort hug bouquet
it's not like I don't know
only death can stop my sorrow.

Poignant my dear Phyllis, I know like me you will bounce back. hug purple heart
Swimming in a sea of sorrow. I know the feeling all to well sister.
You are remarkably resilient will pass.purple heart
Mizzy4online today!
I don't doubt for one minute
that you'll be back in full swing soon.

sister and mentor
.....we share this same loneliness
in god we put our trust
take care
lindsyjonesonline today!
Girly thanks my friend for all your time reading and commenting on my write.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Kabsat nga napintas Dios unay iti angina.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Angeline, thanks as always
lindsyjonesonline today!
My dearest loved friend T, thanks much always
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