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A Valentine Mystery

Cupid's arrow aims straight for the Heart
That mystical cherub knows he's so smart
He's cunning, baffling and powerful too
He's pointing his arrow directly at you

Cupid's not stupid he knows from the start
The one who is chosen to be with your heart
He searches this Universe over to find
The exact chemistry for Love between mankind

If cupid hasn't found you, do not despair
It's not because cupid just doesn't care
It's only because you're not ready to greet
True Destiny of Fate with the Heart that you meet

Cupid will certainly in time pierce your Heart
Because he knows your mate right from the start
He's working now with mystical cherubs to bring
Your Two Hearts together in order to sing...

Love Always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This was written for those who don't have much hope in finding a heart that is meant for them. I hear a lot about the great things that happen to people at Valentine's Day, yet, there is little said about those who spend it all alone.

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Comments (3)

GoddessKat1 - nice poem and sentiment...thanks for sharingteddybear
Lovely words. Perhaps Cupid is just getting overworked.
He needs to hire some head banger angel dancing
thanks for sharing....yeah i'm still waiting for cupids arrow,only time will tell...nice poem,i really enjoyed it!!teddybear
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by Unknown
on Feb 2010
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