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Soul Painter

This beautiful woman from across the room
Shining brightly as she can be
Body moving and grooving to the music
The reflection back was quite electric

My inquisitive soul beckoned to me
Let's find out what makes her tick
Then my heart began to pound and flutter
Yes, it all happened oh so quick

Gazing into her deep amber eyes, I saw
Her Great Power from within
It looked as though she saw through me
So, I could not think to pretend

Summoning the courage to speak to her
Amazed by those uplifting words
I asked her what she did in life
Paint Souls she said very lovingly

That's cool I said as I answered back
Tell me what do you see for me?
She smiled and the silence filled the air
Then she said, I see something magnificent

It comes to me on Angels Wings
The essence of your Soul
I put it on the canvas for you to see
And keep where ever you may go

I've been painting souls with my third eye
Since I'm a wee little child
Now it comes on the canvas pure
I find it absolutely wild

I'm always amazed at the transformation
As the Spoken word begins to stir
It surfaces to describe your soul essence
From my deep still voice within

I hope you're happy with your Soul
As the painting shows the truth
From the moment you come on this sweet Earth
Till you're called to Heaven's Gate...

Thank you for letting me touch within
And connect with your spirit today
So The picture of your soul forms
And The Soul Painter goes to work...

Love Always,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This poem is about myself. This is the gift that I've been given to share with others. I paint the essence of people's souls. I needed a way to express myself to the world, so it came out in the written word this way. What a great feeling to release any apprehension of what the people in the world will think of me. It matters not, what matters is what I think of myself. I am comfortable with me...

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GoddessKat1 - lovely poem and gift!! you are very talented and blessed angel
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by Unknown
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