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A Touch Of Reality

Beyond the veil is life eternal
No pain or suffering to endure
We won't go there until we've done our work here
This is when we come full circle...

Time ticks away and passes on moment by moment
Why is it we rush time so much?
Going with the Flow seems very difficult
Yet, this is what we must learn to do

Life is like a Story
A beginning, middle and an end
We are co-creators of our own book
Hopefully, we live it to rise to glory

Many friends have gone behind the veil
One day we will all meet again
We won't go though until it is our time
When God calls us home to rest in peace with him...

Love Always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This is about what is after this earth life and how we feel about it. Words that came to comfort the soul...

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on Feb 2010
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