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Wounded !......not Fatally.

A lonesome wind now murmurs on the hill,
It moans a tale of woe in Nature's ear,
About a love that tasted bitter pill,
And now forlorn, must emptiness endear.

A man now droops his head beneath a cross,
One lonely snowdrop bowed, sad tears to spill,
He prays that God will heal the scars of loss,
And mind always, the girl that he loves still.

A new fire in his soul starts burning wild,
He must find love anew, lest all is lost,
Fresh lips to quench the flames from hearts beguiled,
The embers of past love to bear the cost.

Her soft kiss blown on gentle breeze so frail,
When passion comes 'twill ride on howling gale !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2014
About this poem:
This is about having to move on from
the person that you love..
when they find someone else.

Heart breaking but essential !

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Comments (29)

Good write Mick..Thanks for the share!


Kentip hat
I think I need new glasses Mick.
But I could read it well enough to know you need a hug
You have a super style Mick that differs greatly from western counterparts. I love to read your words, for they are a window into a world that I have never had the fortunate pleasure of ever visiting in real life.......nice job pal......cheers
Dreamy poem Mick. How it echoes the sadness that lingers of a love lost.cheers
Hi Mick,

A lovely sonnet. Moving on...the hardest thing in any relationship.
trurorobonline now!
Know where you are coming from here Mick, well expressed.
trurorobonline now!
Know where you are coming from here Mick, well expressed.
Your sad poem was a true reflection of your feelings, but it held a glimmer of you you are still optimistic in moving on that's the biggest message. Well done youapplause
Fine sonneteering Mick, it's as well the wounds aren't fatal - which doesn't necessarily mean the scars ever heal. A really terrific closing couplet.


How are you my dear friend. This is sad and full of emotions depicting our being so hurt but I am sure it will get better..
Mizzy4online today!
Thanks for your kindness Ken.
Regards ......Mick.

Mizzy4online today!
I'm OK Jeanie,
Thanks for hug .....

angel hug
To me moving on from my last relationship was the best thing I ever did - wish I had done it sooner. Still, when memories are good - we will hold on to them for ever.
As ever dear Mick your poetry never fails to touch me. hug purple heart
Mizzy4online today!
Thank you Christian,
For the really gracious comment.
Regards Mick.

grin wine
Mizzy4online today!
Thanks M,
Always welcome......Mick.

Mizzy4online today!
Cheers Rob for the nice comment.
beer thumbs up
Mizzy4online today!
Glad you liked it Rob.

Mizzy4online today!
Thanks for seeing the bright side
Redex,,......... Mick.
Mizzy4online today!
Thanks Bill,
Sure aren't I a past pupil from the
Fellsman University of great Sonnets,
I can still remember your assistant
Chrissie......she used cane my butt
for misspellings.....I deliberately
made mistakes. rolling on the floor laughing
Know the feeling... The painful stages everyone goes through...but others heal sooner than others ...or do'they? Lovely sonnet Mick! I am in awe of you sonnet writing guys .. Only managed to write a couple of sonnets so far... It looks like I missed out on The Fellsman's University of Great would have helped me a lot professor

I love your style
A pleasure, tho it be sad,
I love reading your words!

Mizzy4online today!
No worries Phyllis,
I'm good.........Mick.

Mizzy4online today!
Dear Christina,
It's all progress.......
I actually like change,
Thanks for your uplifting review,
Kind regards.......Mick.x

purple heart lips purple heart
Mizzy4online today!
Greatly appreciate your kind
comments Kathy,
Regards ......Mick.

wine wine
Mizzy4online today!
I'm pleased that you liked
this SAS,

Hi Mick i too have enjoyed reading your sonnets and this one is equally good, sad but hopeful, lovely, Jhandshake
Mizzy4online today!
Thank you Joseph,
Your reviews are
always welcome !

comfort hug Time time time it heals all wounds ! I wish you all the happiness in the world my dear friend .hug hug cheering angel
Mizzy4online today!
Cheers Laura,
For the nice wishes,
Regards Mick.

thumbs up grin
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