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It's Love

I check in with myself to see what my heart is saying
As I walk with my heart as a radar for vibration
I come up against the turbulent water of life sometimes
And wonder why the Heart is so confused
I realize that It's Love talking back to my soul
Saying that the direction is changing within so hold on
To the lessons you learned along the way
It's only Love visiting you in a different way

For It's Love, it's All Love no matter how dismal
The journey looks when you only see clouds
For they will lift when it's time to see clearly
So hang onto Hope no matter what anyone says
It's the only thing that will see you through your time
To the Other side of Love when the vibration is light
And your spirit begins to soar and dance freely
It becomes clear there is a calm within the chaos

Embrace the chaos equally to the calm
For this is where true courage and strength exists
As you tap into that energy, you begin to realize
That life is meant for us to feel the full spectrum
Sometimes hurting and sometimes living in elation
Our humaness always wants to gravitate to elation
For the humdrum of life has some very dull feelings
And those feelings aren't as intoxicating as elation

Release all feeling back to the Universe
To be recycled and made anew again within your life
Clearing the mind helps to raise the vibrations
So that your spirit can soar once in awhile
Visiting the deep valleys as well is very enlightening
For that's where true nourishment of your soul exists
As the Light touches that dark place making it pure
As the fluffy white snow that first falls from the sky...
And as the Clouds are lifted, you understand the reason why...

Love Always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
Love speaking to me though the winds of change. I wrote it when I was going through a confusing time. By contemplating the word Love, It was revealed to me what I must always remember during these times of drought within the spiritual journey

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Very nice and thought provoking work.. Thanks for sharing ! teddybear bouquet
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