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as the back door sprung shut
I had a last glance of you
it replayed in my mind so many times,
that my thoughts turned blue
though you may have gone away
memory wouldn't allow me to be free
but I fought my way through circumstance
landed on my two feet and in one piece
and ended up, strangely enough, at that same back door
peeking out, I saw and quickly realized
one world ends, one world has begun
as spring blossomed into summer,
I too grew stronger
with the dawn, seasons come and seasons go
I had been tossing horseshoes over my left shoulder,
hoping for things to go my way
now I am aware that, things, will flow
...horseshoes or no
as days flowed by, change, inevitably occurred
and, in time, I met another
who, like me, had tried to rise above the flood
but that was then...
and this is now
so, once more, I am afloat
...and filled with reason to believe
and why not?
we all crave tenderness
we all crave love
and when we give it
...and we receive it
there is little more that one could wish for
I think that I will just stay here
I hope forever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2014

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Comments (2)

Waiting for that final thought bro..
Haven't seen you for a spellhandshake
thank you café...
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