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tilting at windmills

well I might take off for Washington
wanna get my feelings heard
I might crowd some lazy senator
just for them to hear my words
it may take some time for pigs to fly
except when in the bath
'cause they're in no mood for coming clean
or a truthful word to pass
you might say that I'm ridiculous
to think that someone cares
I suppose I gotsta spring a trap
so's I can catch 'em unawares
I imagine I should dress myself
in shoes and socks that match
so as to fit inside their head
as my plotting I unhatch
I will tease them with some banking scheme
just to make their ears prick up
and once I have their full attention
they'll be drinkin' from my cup
all the piles of money that they'd make
should they only come aboard
with eyes aglaze and mouths watering
interest had surely soared
that of a deer caught in the headlights
...would be my only guess
of how they looked when I changed my tune
to the plight of homelessness
for my concern that I came to share
were tales of folks without a roof
as soon as they became aware
they started acting all aloof
we can never count on anything
when dealing with they who have the moon
for all those people have gone crazy
...crazy as a loon
never knowing certain circumstance
can steal your piece of pie
unaware but for the grace of God
homelessness are you and I
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2014
About this poem:
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Comments (8)

Fantastic write about a serious problem that not many pay attention to, good of you to care"but for the grace of God homelessness are you and I, amen! J handshake
Hi, hedistuff,
It is always a pleasure to have you and your verse grace Poet's Corner. Thank you for tilting at windmills that brings your poetic skills and sharp wit to shine light on this important and troubling issue. For, certainly, but for the grace of God homelessness are you and I. See you in Washington!
thank you Joseph, thank you Joy....
Hi, hedistuff,
Still waiting for pigs to fly, aren't we?
Hi heidistuff....this poem is so lyrical, it's like a song I've heard on the radio. A country song with a msg about a serious topic, of homelessness but made in such a catchy cool way. A song like the gambler by Kenny Rodgers that is telling a story...I loved it thanks for sharing!!! Excellentapplause cheering applause
Happy newyear.....
well thank you cherry reggae, how very kind. how you came across this old thing is a mystery though.....rick
Hi I know how it came to light. happy new year...
Hi friend. I have missed you and am pleased to be back. I was gone for a while. But beat cancer. I do hope things in your world are fine. Great to see you and take care. Bless U,Pink.
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