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~From the dark he came~

Drizzled water painted in brown
From where he came to abound in life
Cynical'd in thought
Life form's been shaped.

He'd wondered often how that water
Muddied up.

Yet those times they were few
Compared to his very
Mind thought's on display.

While his balance of time
Never brought him ashore.
The best he's hoped for
Was behind distant doors.

Eyes foggy glazed, lights silhouette
Nylons upon them echoed steel walls
Diamond reflection hosting
Distant skin Pierced.

My mind takes my feet say's go for a walk
Pain's gone away, for a while at least
While that warmed blanket
The cold with itself!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2014
About this poem:
I'm not sure how the one's dealt a bad card in life from birth with a mental health issue, or perhaps later in life, see their world. All I can do is try to understand by trying to go there myself. The reason I write this is, a very special lady (she's a registered nurse) in my life deals with people like this daily, I want to understand more of her days at work. The last three lines hold the key to understand.

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Comments (2)

Great poem I'm happy to hear that you haven't passed judgement on her. Ask her all the questions you have I'm sure she would want you to understand how she gets through her days. All my best to you! Nice seeing you around hug cheering cheering
i understand the painting behind a picture very beautifully drawn pieceangel
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